About Us

We are a group of citizen patriots that love freedom and liberty and the principles that are enshrined in the Founding Documents of the United States.

Craig Seibert, is a web seminar trainer and has been a student of history and founding documents for the last 20 years and has taught these principles to tens of thousands in person and over the Internet.

Bob Deaton, is a passionate patriot, that desires to see the local church regain its footing and understanding both its historic and current role in being a leader in advocating "freedom and liberty" for all. He leads an initiative called "U.S. Patriots for Christian Civics."

A Grassroots Movement - many others are helping in this cause, by volunteering massive amounts of time and energy to inform, inspire, educate and lead others.

You - we need you to be one of us.  To take what you learn here and share with others.  Become a part of the movement of understanding the "First Principles" and help us financially with this cause as well.

A monument near Ft.Ticonderoga in New York says this...

"And here were men co-equal with their fate who did great things unconscious they were great”

Be one of those men or women today !