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Membership Benefits Overview

The US Civics Training Initiative has always provided some core teaching on the Declaration, Constitution and other civics videos for free to the world.     However to help fund and further spread civics training to largest possible audience we invite you to become a member.For just $20 joining fee, a member will receive all of these additional benefits beyond the free training that we provide. 

  • Over 100 additional webinars, pdfs, and other digital resources
  • Key Historical Documents about Freedom and Liberty
  • PDF versions of some of our key training
  • Monthly Email Service that will contain key civics links related to holidays or historical dates of the particular month.  These can be shared virally with others to expand your impact in helping others to be trained in the principles of freedom and liberty.

* For instance, MLK Day, Presidents Day, Patriots Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Constitution Day, Veterans Day, Mayflower Compact Day, Bill of Rights Day.

Standard Membership Provides
  • Access to Full Library of Videos,
  • Downloadable Key Document PDFs
  • Monthly Civics Training Videos to share with friends
  • See Complete Listing in Membership Benefits PDF on this page.