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Bus Card CCT Declaration (Duplicate)CHRISTIAN CIVICS SUNDAY – JUNE 29, 2014

Last year 20,000 individuals received a Declaration of Independence Card on the Sunday before July 4th.  This small pocket sized card has key quotes from the Declaration and US Constitution on both sides and then references this website where people of faith can get hours and hours of free training.  

See your congregation “equipped for free”

Christian Civics Sunday 2014 PDF

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SPECIAL 2014 Initiative.Celebrating 225 years of the Constitution in operation, April 30, 2014.



Dear Pastor, Christian Leader and person of faith, 

Welcome to Christian Civics Training.

Our heart and passion is to train pastors, churches, Christians and people of faith in the biblical principles of freedom and liberty. 

We also want to put tools and resources in believers hands that can be used to engage the broader culture to winsomely recapture the biblical principles of freedom and liberty and to educate the citizens of the United States in our spiritual heritage and in nations role in the world to advance freedom and liberty.

To that end, you will find that this is an integrated website.  You have landed on the page for Christian Civics Training, but as you can see by the “wrapper” on this website, this landing page is integrated into a general US Civics Training Center that is designed to train individuals from all walks of life.

Bus Card - George Washington Quote
As you pursue Christian Civics Training, you will find on this page resources and links to additional pages with deep and rich spiritual content that goes deep into the things of faith. 

In the broader site content you will also conduct your training in broader principles of freedom and liberty where the biblical worldview on civics and history are fully integrated but much more subtle.
This is to your benefit, as it trains you to engage others without sounding preachy as you master the content or share it with others.  
It is also strategic, as it allows you to share links and content that is thought provoking and does not feel spiritually pushy.  This also opens up the opportunity to sow the seeds of biblical truth into the broader society.

So, you will always have to type in into your browser to get to this page, it will not be one of the navigation tabs on the top of the page.
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How to Get Started

Here are some Quick start tips to take advantage of all the resources at this site as well as give you some ideas for seeking transformation in our nation.
1) There are several Christian specific training video links below.  Select ones that interest you and watch them.
2) Go to the Free Training tab at the top and select from all the free training resources on the general site.
3) Sign up for Christian Civics Email Equipping Service at the top of this page.
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4) Become a free member NOW! Get email updates AND other resources. You can sign up for this on the membership page.
5) Become a site member NOW ! for $20.   If you are benefiting from this effort at all, please support our efforts with this small membership contribution or even consider a tax deductible contribution so that we can spread these resources more rapidly.
6) Declaration & Constitution Cards for your entire congregation.  See these examples to the right.  If we are serious about national awakening and revival we need tens of thousands of believers inspired in these principles of freedom, liberty and humility before God.    Please consider ordering enough of these cards for each member of your church to have 2 of them and to give them out to every member the Sunday before July 4th.
7) Encourage key leaders, Sunday School Classes, Small Groups to train themselves and train others.
8) Start a Congregation wide initiative
9) Preach a message on the biblical role of civil government or God’s directive to elect people of character to office.
 Bus Card CCT DeclarationJuly 4 Resource Card.  Order to pass out to entire congregation.  Key phrases from the Declaration of Independence are on the front side.  Request these through the contact form of this site. Cost of $10 per 100.
Christian Training Webinars

 Bus Card CCT ConstitutionJuly 4 Resource Card.  Order to pass out to entire congregation.  Key phrases from the US Constitution are on the back side.  Request these through the contact form of this site.
Cost of $10 per 100.
Separation of Church and State


Founding Fathers and Deism



 Bus Card Freedom CycleCOMING SOON !  A Complete Series on the History of the Cycle of Freedom and the Ramifications for Today !.Cards available now at $10 per 100.Use Contact form for more info.
VITAL SERIES – Some of the most strategic videos at this site are the Structures of Society Videos.  They are placed here below.  Free for Pastors and Christian Leaders.Societal Structures – Ones that Work and Ones that Do Not

 Bus Card Four Societal Structures For others, they can find these in the FREE TRAINING area as well as additional ones on the MEMBERSHIP AREA – Complete Video Library

Explore the incredible spiritual underpinnings of the day our National Constitution was put into place.   Including, a call to prayer for the citizens, George Washington’s speech, a national prayer service, sermon on the role of government, communion and more.



Pastors and Leaders

Martin Luther
– expressed the thought that a pastor could be preaching biblically about all things, but if he was not preaching on that one point in culture where the battle raged, he was absent from the action.

John Robinson – the Pilgrim’s pastor was noteworthy because not only did he excel at “spiritual things”, but he had a biblical worldview and perspective about all things.Detriech Bonhoffer – was a man for his time and wrestled with what it meant to follow God in all of life.Jesus – came to set the captives free.  Jesus was hated by many…. probably universally hated by the captors as he spoke truth into every situation.With these examples in mind, might we recapture a vision for being a thought leader on how the Bible applies to all of life.We will be populating this area soon with some resources you might find of help as you begin on your own journey.
Coming Soon

  • Civic Excellence – Scriptural Contemplation on Liberty ~ Freedom ~ Equality ~ Justice
  • Civic Excellence – How did the Church Surrender this Arena?
  • Civic Excellence – God’s Exclamation Point – July 4, 1826
  • Civic Excellence – God’s Providences, Guidance, and Blessings – 400yrs in 10min
  • Civic Excellence – The Re-writing of History – How it Happens and its Impact
  • Civic Excellence – True Help for the Poor
  • Civic Excellence – Wise as Serpents – Innocent as Doves – How Pastors and Church Leaders can be deceived
  • Civic Excellence – The St. Patrick Calling – How Christians saved Culture and Western Society
  • Civic Excellence – An Action Plan for the Church


Sermons of the Revolutionary War Period


We are working on formatting and releasing several sermons from the Puritan and Revolutionary War period as examples of biblical preaching on the topics of civil government. 

These courageous, inspirational, biblical messages declare that God is God and the State is not!.  That freedom and liberty is God’s design for human kind and that the design and purpose of government is to protect those freedoms.   Unknown to most, the pulpit of the American Revolution is the fountainhead of principles of freedom and liberty that were in turn enshrined in the Declaration of independence and the US Constitution. .